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rockwood premier 8.jpg

Premier 8 is one of the most innovative products in the retaining wall industry. It is a 1 sq. ft. block that weighs only 54 lb. and has a "straight-though" core. These features reduce installer fatigue while increasing strength and performance.

StoneHedge is a double-sided free-standing wall block that is great for privacy walls, sitting walls, and partitions. These blocks are designed to integrate with Rockwood retaining wall blocks.

rockwood stonehedge.jpg
rockwood cottage stone.jpg

Cottage stone is a versatile and aesthetically pleasing wall block. The cottage stone blocks can be used in straight or curved applications for garden walls, small retaining walls, tree rings, and more.

Lakeland is a three-piece rumbled product that is perfect for free standing walls, pillars, and sitting walls. This product can also be used to create outdoor living living features such as kitchens, fireplaces, etc.

rockwood lakeland.jpg
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