The Right Materials Can Make All the Difference

Cove Landscape Center has an extensive offering of landscape boulders, pond supplies, DIY fire pits, Pavestone pavers, stone, mulch, and soil products.  

Products Offered Include

Landscape Boulders

Nothing makes a statement like a beautiful boulder embedded in your landscape.  You will love our huge selection and our extremely affordable pricing. Delivery available.

Mushroom Mulch

​A wonderful composted material that improves your soil content and acts as a natural fertilizer.  A great way to add necessary nutrients to your garden.  Also offered mixed with topsoil.

Premium Mulch

Premium is our best-selling mulch, and contains bark material as well as shredded wood.

Natural Mulch

Not colored and comprised of only natural, shredded wood.

Red Mulch

Contains only natural, shredded wood and is colored a rich red.

Chocolate Mulch

Contains only natural, shredded wood and is colored dark brown.

Black Mulch

Contains only natural, shredded wood and is colored a deep black.

Playground Chips

Similar to Natural Mulch but comprised of larger pieces.


Used for livestock bedding, we provide sawdust delivery in 90 yard amounts.

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We offer a full line of pavers by Pavestone as well as Nitterhouse in a variety of styles and hues.  Create retaining walls, patios, garden edgings and more with these easy to install products.

River Rock

Available by the full pallets of small to medium boulders, and by the scoop.  Or, fill your trailer or truck bed with river stone ranging from "pea size", 2B (golf ball sized), and 2"-4" sized stone.

Texas White

A beautiful decorative white stone that averages "golf ball" sizing.

Pennsylvania Limestone

Available in both 1B and 2B sizing.  The most cost-effective decorative stone available.


Various varieties available for paver projects or sandboxes.


Offered by the bale, perfect for starting new grass seed or for your vegetable garden.

Screened Topsoil

A high quality, fine soil that has been screened to remove all stones.

Unscreened Topsoil

The same high quality topsoil but may contain some stones.

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