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S-3 Engine Oil

A super high performance engine oil for all types of diesel and most gasoline engines. This is our best-selling engine oil.

Extreme Duty Oil

A high performance oil for engines meeting 2007 on-road diesel emissions requirements, all other heavy duty diesel engines and gasoline engines.

Multi-Purpose Hydrolic and Wet Brake Oil

For use in numerous applications in place of other recommended hydraulic/wet brake oils.

HPA Racing Oil

Contains a proprietary High Pressure Additive for enhanced performance in high viscosity grades.

Severe Service Oil

Especially formulated for gasoline engines operating under severe service conditions.

RV Engine Oil

A motor oil designed for the special needs of gasoline and pre-2007 diesel Recreational Vehicles. Featuring a special rust inhibitor for protection during long periods of storage.

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Synthetic Blend Oil

Formulated to provide superior performance in cars and pick-up trucks.

Para-Synthetic Oil

A high performance oil for diesel and gasoline engines, formulated with paraffin and synthetic base oils.  Provides easier cranking in cold weather.

Super Racing Oil

Designed for the extreme sustained heat and loads of racing and pulling engines at all levels of competition.

Gard-N-Go Oil

An engine oil specifically designed for garden tractors used in pulling competition.

Super S-1 Oil

Meets and exceeds API Services CD, CC, SE, SD, Supplement #1 Mil-L-2104B and Detriot low ash requirements.

Antique Engine Oil

A motor oil formulated especially for vintage automobiles, trucks, and tractors. Meets and exceeds API SA.

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